Publications and preprints

  • N. Jacon, Kleshchev multipartitions and extended Young diagrams, preprint (2017).
  • O. Dudas and N. Jacon, Alvis-Curtis duality for finite general linear groups and a generalized Mullineux involution, preprint (2017).
  • D. Craven, O. Dudas and G. Malle, The Brauer trees of unipotent blocks, preprint (2017).
  • O. Dudas and G. Malle, Bounding Harish-Chandra series, preprint (2017).
  • O. Dudas and G. Malle, Modular irreducibility of cuspidal unipotent characters, preprint (2016).


A first meeting with the members will be organized September 8. 2017 in Paris (Sophie Germain, room 6033 starting from 10am). The speakers will be Ramla, Cédric and Jean-François.

Scientific visits

  • D. Juteau visited Steven Griffeth at the ICTP in Trieste from Feb. 8-15 (2017).
  • E. Norton visited the IMJ-PRG from Feb. 20-24 (2017).
  • O. Brunat visited Rishi Nath in New York at CUNY from Jul. 21 to Aug 21 (2017).
  • A. Lacabanne (Ph.D. student of C. Bonnafé) visited the MSRI and several members of the project in Spring 2018
  • C. Lecouvey visited N. Jacon in Reims in May (2018).
  • E. Norton visited the IMJ-PRG from May 21-27 (2018).
  • C. Vallejo Rodríguez visited the IMJ-PRG from June 10-15 (2018).
  • Rishi Nath will visit O. Brunat in July (2018).